RJ TextEd

RJ TextEd 14.71

View, edit, manage, and update code and texts

Work with text-based content, including Unicode, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, and other types of source code. Access syntax highlighting options, auto-completion mode, syntax editor, web browser, file manager, CSS editor, etc. Manage HTML, ASP, and PHP content.

RJ TextEd is a good editor for texts and source codes. It is also a tool for simple web development. Using this program you can create and edit new language files, syntax files and script files and even write your own web page. It is also possible to convert text to a different character sets. If your want to edit your source code, you can preview Html/ASP/PHP... code using one of the preview tabs or open a document in a browser. The editor also supports ASCII files and binary files. Other features of RJ TextEd are: support of Unicode, spell check in several different languages, unlimited undo/redo.
10 different bookmarks is the word wrap function that allows you to make your text as readable as possible. You can also save and print your documents, manage your web site using the file commander, synchronize a local folder with a remote folder on your FTP site and e-mail your documents. The best tools of RJ TextEd are: syntax editor, character viewer and unit converter that can convert between different units.

Vladislava Kokurkina
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  • Supports Unicode
  • Has connection to the outside world
  • Has FTP client to upload your web site
  • Has many good tools
  • Is handy
  • Colors the line


  • Cannot open some files without extension
  • don't handle large files
  • has problems with the Escape Character for C++ Syntax
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