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Editorial review

What's new

v14.7 [Nov 9, 2020]
- New text clip commands: Added commands to extract file name, file directory and file extension from a variable inside a text clip.
- FTP panel (drag n drop): The FTP panel now accepts a document tab to upload the document to the currently open remote folder.
- SFTP: Updated the libraries and component to the latest version.
- Scrollbar issue in explorer panel.
- Rare brace matching issue that may occur with certain theme options.
- Context menu items in sites panel should be disabled if no site is open.
- Issue in editor component.
- Issue when closing a cloned document.

v12.41 [Oct 3, 2017]
Made some minor changes in document tab drawing in dual document view.
Updated SFTP component.
High CPU usage with certain scrollbar options.
Clone document issue.
Syntax highlight issue with comments.
Find issues in options window.
Column mode issues.
Update (old) projects.
User bar drop down tree issue.
TODO/NOTE list display issue.
Keyboard issue in regular expression creator.
Save main window size on high DPI display.
Bookmarks are drawn with a little more space to the right.
Other reported minor issues.

v11.7.1 [May 25, 2016]
Added two new menu items in the format menu.
* Pretty print - will beautify the JSON code and add indention.
* Minify - will compress the code to a single line.
JSON code is now displayed in the code explorer tree.
Highlight color values
Added a new menu item in the view menu called "Highlight color values".
* Enable for selected file types
File types
The "File types" menu item contain all available file types and the checked
items specify in which files, color values should be highlighted.
Reopen with Encoding
Added a menu item in the "File" menu to reopen the current file using a
different encoding. You can also reopen it as a hexadecimal file.
Note! If the file is a Unicode file and has a BOM. you will not be able to
reopen the file with a different encoding.
Merge and Split
Added a menu to the document tab right click menu with several functions to
append, prepend or split documents.
Annotation bar
Made some redraw changes to minimize speed impact on editing.
Text Clips
You can add or subtract time in a text clip when using time and date variables.
%tomorrow% = @d[dddd d of mmmm yyyyK 1d}
%yesterday% = @d{-1d}
%!astyear% = @d[dddd d of mmmm yyyy]{-1y}
%AnHourAgo% = @t{-1h}
Auto hide scrollbars
Mouse move will always display the scrollbars.
Project Manager
"Copy to clipboard as" will use a relative path from the current document
if possible. Otherwise the file name is used.
To use the complete file path - hold down the Shift-key.
File Commander
The breadcrumb control has been replaced with a drop down list to solve
afewtheming issues.
The drop down list will always display the full path, just like the breadcrumb control did.
* The drop down list on the explorer panel will display the full path to the current folder.
* Editing can sometimes be "sluggish" when the annotation-bar is visible.
* The convert oanel date/time soan calculation should didnt handle a second date
* Editing can sometimes be "sluggish" when the annotation-bar is visible.
* The convert panel date/time span calculation should didnt handle a second date
that was earlier than the first (a negative time span).

v11.0.4 [Feb 15, 2016]
Application search
Added a search field inside the menu bar to the right. The search results are display in a grouped list. The search is context sensitive so all groups may not always be displayed in the same order or displayed at all. Each group is also collapsible.
The displayed groups are:
Menu items
Recent files
Recent projects
Recent sessions
File commander
Theme manager
Online resources
Use the context menu to change which items should be displayed in the list. E.g. if you feel that the options list takes to long to complete, uncheck "Options".
Menu items are always displayed in the list. Some menu items have a radio or check button to the right. This indicates a setting. You can select it as usual with [Enter] or the item can be toggled, without closing the result list, with [Shift][Enter].
Use [Up] and [Down] arrows to navigate the list. You can also use the mouse.
Select an item with [Enter], or a mouse click.
You can toggle a menu item setting, displayed as a radio or check button, by using [Shift][Enter].
Use [Esc] to exit the search.
Statusbar hint
Added a hint to the stausbar when the mouse hover over the line, col and character panel. The hint display the current line, text cursor column, selection information, and character information (including the Unicode character name).
Code Explorer
Made extensive code changes and several changes in the code explorer panel.
Name spaces and classes should display properly now in the upper display. Nested items are displayed in a tree structure.
Structures are displayed in the lower display including structure methods, if available. I may change this in a later version.
Methods and sub-methods should be sorted properly now.
Auto complete
The height is adjusted automatically when only a few items are displayed.
Auto update
If you update from the previous release - only the changed files are downloaded and installed. This reduce the download size and makes the update process faster.
If you update from an older version - the entire installation is downloaded.
Change document encoding
Fixed several issues when changing encoding. Both when converting between ANSI encodings and ANSI to UTF8.
(Un)Indent lines now preserve selection better.
Floating panels now have a shadowed border.
Arrays should be foldable now if they span several lines.
Only the active document tab has the active tab color when in dual document view.
If you disable all output options with replace all, a quick replace information string is displayed in the status bar. It goes away after 5 seconds.
A split window now open at the same location as the original view.
Text clips should preserve indention.
Emmet issue with ^
Emmet XSL (XSLT) issues.
Column mode issues.
Search result toolbar button issue.
Wrong column value in status bar.
Wrong selected lines value in status bar when selecting upwards.
Toggle browser view issue.
Annotation bar should always use the document background color.
Annotation bar selection issues and slow drawing.

v10.70.3 [Oct 24, 2015]
Chrome preview
Added a chrome preview tab, internal Chrome browser and Chrome browser views. Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) have been added to the internal browser and Chrome tab.
We need an up-to-date preview browser and Windows IE is not actively developed anymore. The Chrome preview is up-to-date, but it is quite large in size.
Chrome preview is available in all versions (install, portable, win32, win64) and may eventually replace the IE preview completely.
Chrome preview is available on Windows XP and higher using the 32-bit version, Windows 7 and higher using the 64-bit version. You can still run the 64-bit version on Windows Vista x64, but Chrome preview is not available.
Message and input windows
All dialog windows should use themes now. This include simple message windows and more advanced input windows.
Panels use the program themes now, instead of there own styles. The old panel styles are still available and can be selected in the theme manager, but the program theme is used by default.
Added options to have images in panel tabs and in unpinned panels. Images in tabs are shown by default.
Bookmarks panel
Added a panel to list bookmarks in the current document. The toolbar buttons lets you add, delete or clear all bookmarks.
The bookmark list will show the bookmark type (numbered or plain), the line number and the text on the line.
Document icons
Changed the default document icons in all recent file lists, document list and document tabs. They should make it easier to identify files of different file types.
You can also use associated system icons (Options -> Style and fonts).
Word count
Added a checkbox to switch case sensitive word count on.
Text clips
Redesigned the add/edit clip window. Variables are now a bit simpler to add and I removed one of the text fields.
Text clips use one input dialog with one or several fields where you can edit all your input values. This is especially useful if the text clips use many variables and they need many input values from the user.
To enclose a selection use the static %sel% variable.
The %sel% variable can only be used once. If you need to use the selection again just add another variable and use the command @csel.
Added new commands. @csel = current selection, @clbrd = clipboard content.
%csel% = @csel
%clip% = @clbrd
now you can use %csel% and %clip% anywhere in the clip text.
Project panel (context menu)
Added several context menu items to copy the selected file as:
File name
HTML image tag
HTML script tag
HTML anchor tag
HTML href=""
PHP include
PHP require
C/C include
Tool argument commands
Added a few new commands to extract the drive, path (without drive) and file extension of the current document path.
Word completion should handle objects better e.g. "object.".
Added an option to set the max number of items in find/replace dropdown lists.
Added an option to close a document tab by double clicking the tab.
Theme issue with document map.
Bookmarks on wrapped lines.
Scroll issue in hex view.
Some issues with word count.
Unfold All issue with user defined folds from a selection.
A few sort issues in Syntax Editor.
Syntax editor layout issues.
Issue with escape characters.
Icon display issues on Windows XP.
Several issues with binary files and hex view.
Auto update issues.
Close document tab with close button on active tab only.

v10.11.0 [Jan 6, 2015]
Version 10.11
08 jan, 2015
Search field in project panel
Added a search field on the project panel. It can find and handle both local and remote files.
Some minor visual changes.
Holding the keyboard shortcut to close the current document, will close all documents first after 3 documents have been closed.
Crash when closing a document or the program.
Selection issue when using some save options.
An issue with reload document.

v9.20.2.1943 [Jul 18, 2014]
Version 9.20
18 jul, 2014
Sort lines (Asc, desc, advanced)
Re-wrote the sort routines to increase speed and use less memory. The undo/redo functions use much less memory as well.
Added a "Printer" object to enable printing from a script.
Added a new class called "TMemInifile". Use it to create or read ini files.
Added the class "TElMainMenu". Use it to create a main menu in a script form. The help include an example script.
Added new events: OnApplicationActivate, OnApplicationDeactivate and OnDocumentReload.
Updated the help to include some more non-visual classes, visual components and dialogs.
The TTnt classes were removed. They are not needed in version 10. All classes and components will support Unicode in version 10.
HTML Preview
Both Firefox and Chrome preview components have been removed from the installation. They can still be installed using the "Addons" dialog window.
Added pages to handle HTML preview components. Both Firefox and Chrome preview components can be installed or removed.
File Commander
Added 7-zip support and made some changes to the compress option dialog window.
Fixed some minor issues.

v9.2 [Jul 17, 2014]
Version 9.0
21 maj, 2014
Navigation history
Added navigation history buttons in the main toolbar. Back button, forward button and dropdown lists. You can also use Alt-Left or Alt-Right.
In options (Program -> Navigation history) you can set the number of saved navigation points and if you want to include main tab changes, like a switch to the file commander tab or the preview tabs. You can also activate full path hints, if the displayed file name is not enough.
Characters are now handled as integers (char = int). To assign a character variable you can do the following:
char wch = Ord("A"); or int wch = Ord("A"); or string s = "ABC"; char wch = s[1]; // wch now contain the integer value of "A", which is 65.
In conditions you can use
if ( wch == Ord("A") ) { .. } or if ( Chr(wch) == "A" ) { .. }
Ord() converts a character, given as a string, to an integer value.
Chr() converts an integer value to a character, given as a string.
Options "Apply"
Added an "Apply" button in the options dialog window. This will set all options without closing the window.
Advanced tab color settings
You can now add folders as well as file extensions to set document tab colors. Also added up and down buttons to change the items position and priority in the list.
Delete duplicate lines
Added a function in "Edit -> More line operations" to remove duplicate lines. The function will preserve the first occurrence and then remove all duplicates inside the selection, or entire document if nothing is selected.
Search box in text clip tab
When you start type something all found clips are listed below the search box. Click or hit RETURN to select.
Recent files
Added an option to display the file name and full path on the same line. Added an option to display full path hints in the drop down menu.
Favorite files
Added an option to display the file name and full path on the same line. Added an option to display full path hints in the drop down menu.
Explorer tabs
Added a tree view button to the explorer tab toolbar. This will open or close a folder tree above the file list.
Made some changes to the syntax editor.
Made some changes to all dialog windows.
Added spell check options for line color and width.
Added a help menu item for regular expression.
Added a regular expression help button on the create regular expression window.
Changed some icons in the help menu.
Right ALT key in keyboard shortcuts should work now on English keyboard layouts.
Some search issues in the options windows.
Undo issue with multiple editing.
Error message when closing many files using a keyboard shortcut for "Close document".
Network files were not added to the recently opened file list.
Empty [CurrentWord] argument when running help files as tools.
Fixed some links on the "Home" page.

v8.52.0.1861 [Dec 15, 2012]
-Error messages that could pop up when saving a file, changing options.
-Session menu was not updated properly when removing sessions.
-Spit window issues when using wordwrap.
-Manually changing highlighter should work now for all web source files (HTML,PHP,ASP).

v8.31.0.1824 [Jul 26, 2012]
Many new features and bugs fixed.

v8.0 [Feb 24, 2012]
- FTP synchronize issue. Remote files where not deleted properly.
- Very long text lines were not properly displayed.
- Incremental find bar did not show in the bottom view when horizontal split was activated.
- Macro issues with find/replace all.
- Undo issue when the editor window did not have focus.
- Some minor changes in dialogs to give some text more space (some text field where to narrow when using some languages).
- Display of some ASCII characters.
- Show file that confirmation form asks to save on close.

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